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Conservation Framing

Example of conservation framingThe damaging effect of air pollution, paper degradation, sunlight, artificial lights and the acid by-products of the art’s own aging, can cause serious deterioration to art, prints, photographs and documents. Whether your artwork or objects are sentimental family heirlooms, or have investment value, Art Impressions will use materials and techniques that will actively protect and extend the life and beauty of your possession.

Conservation framing involves experts applying specialized knowledge, materials and techniques to insure that if the artwork is removed from the frame in the future, it will not show any evidence that it was framed, thereby preserving it’s long term value. The three most important elements of conservation Framing are the mat board, the backing material and the glass.

Mat Boards
Matting is the border that surrounds your art within the frame. It is more than just a pretty color; the purpose of matting is both protective and cosmetic.

Example of mat colorsIn conservation terms, the main purpose of matting is to keep the cover/glass from coming into contact with the framed subject matter. Placing the glass directly against the artwork can result in buckles, wrinkles, mould formations, Newton’s rings (applicable to photographs) and adherence to the glass.

Using higher quality mat board is essential to protecting your artwork. Mat board that is not rated as conservation quality contains elements that will damage the artwork over time. These natural substances include acids and lignins. Through the aging process, which is intensified by sunlight and heat, the mat board burns or discolors the art that it surrounds.

All mat boards used for museum quality conservation are 100% cotton and completely acid and lignin-free. At Art Impressions, all mounting of conservation artwork is carried out so it can be completely removable, to ensure no damage to your art.

Mseum glass exampleGlass or acrylic serves as a barrier between the artwork and the outside elements such as dust, moisture, curious observers and ultraviolet (UV) light. The energy in UV light can cause paper embrittlement, color deterioration, loss of brightness and other damage. This damage is both cumulative and irreversible.

Glass should not interfere, but enhance your artwork. Our conservation professionals will assist you in choosing the most appropriate glass for your artwork.

Regular clear glass used in every day picture framing will protect the artwork from dust and pollution, but will allow UV light and reflection to interfere with the art.

Conservation clear glass contains UV qualities that block 99% of damaging UV light, but does not have any anti reflection properties.

Museum quality glass blocks out 99% of UV light, whilst allowing 97% of light transmission to the art with less than 1% reflection! Museum quality glass is the ultimate option and is rapidly becoming the ‘standard’ in leading museums and fine art galleries, worldwide.

Backing Material
Art Impressions uses acid-free foam board for all our conservation framing. It contains no wood pulp (a highly acidic substrate). It does not contain lignin. All these items are completely removable, if your framing requirements change in the future.

Visit Art Impressions Gallery & Framing and our consultants will advise you on the most appropriate framing for your requirements.

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Art Impressions is a member of  the Professional Picture Framers Association - PPFA™.

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