Art Impressions Gallery adds flavor to the local art scene by representing the work of emerging to internationally known artists from the Sedalia, MO area and regional Missouri artists. Our mission is to help build the local arts culture.

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Photo of Ron Bradley Ron Bradley Photographer

After retiring from the Marine Corps, Ron Bradley began traveling the United States with his camera in hand. His knowledge and love of nature shows in the fabulous photos he shoots of wildlife, plants and landscapes. His photos reveal the unseen worlds hidden in the nature we sometimes take for granted. Ron’s work is exceptional and Ron himself is larger than life!

Photo of Angel Brame Angel Brame Pottery

Angel Brame’s initial love in art was paint. After years of painting, she took a local pottery class. Angel loves the challenge of transforming a lump of mud into something useful with a wheel and her own ability. Once she is done with the creation process she reverts back to her love of color and texture with slip and glazes.…

Photo of Kim Carr Kim Carr Photography

A mid-Missouri natural light photographer, Kim Carr specializes in “on location” pet photography, farm portraits and rural historical themes. She has a Bachelors degree in animal science and a small farm of her own. Kim blends her love for the outdoors and animals with a passion for photography. She is a juried member of The Best of Missouri Hands.

Photo of Cave Folk Creations Cave Folk Creations Copper Tree Sculptures

Doug Kiburz, M.D. is an Orthopaedic surgeon and Bob Schwickrath is a retired xray technician and partnered together they became Cave Folk Creations. Bob spent some years woodworking, carving wood and soldering while Dr. Kiburz uses his surgical instruments for the wire twisting and lapidary saw work. The combination of each guy’s skills creates beautiful copper wire trees.

Photo of Michael Coleman Michael Coleman Metal Sculpture
Photo of Tom Conroy Tom Conroy Wood

My inspiration for wood started when I saw a gun brought back from Germany by a WWII veteran. The stock was beautifully carved and inlaid, yet it had lovingly been used for hunting instead of being displayed in a cabinet. My wood works are made to last, be aesthetically pleasing and hopefully lovingly used.

Photo of Sam Davisson Sam Davisson Copper – Glass

Sam Davisson creates wonderful pieces of hand blown glass from shot glasses to large globes. He also creates beautiful flame-painted copper pins and sculptures. His personality is as colorful as his art!

Photo of Ron Emig Ron Emig Stoneware Sculpture

When RonEmig was a kid it he watched Western TV shows and movies, and today brings the Old West to life through art. His medium was oils for more than 40 years, then a few years ago he  began sculpting. Ron works with both water-based clay-fired pieces and oil-based for bronzing. His sculptures maintain the Western and wildlife themes, including a Wild Bill Hickok bust, American Indian inspired pieces and bear sculptures.…

Photo of Jennifer Farr Jennifer Farr Pottery

Jennifer Farr took her first pottery class while in junior high school at the Springfield Art Museum. Her love for pottery grew while in high school as she took more classes. After high school while working at Silver Dollar City, Jennifer learned the production side of the pottery business. In 2009, J. Rae Pottery opened for business.…

Photo of Ed Fenendael Ed Fenendael Painting

Ed Fenendael began his art career over 35 years ago. He has studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and the University of Wisconsin and graduated from Marquette University. Art is Ed’s life. His appreciation for nature, family art influences and discovering the art of the Impressionists as well as American painters such as Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth inspired Ed to find his way as an artist.…

Photo of Karen Golmer Karen Golmer Painting

Karen Golmer is a representational watercolor artist that focuses on people and places- “slices of life” that stir memories and emotions. Her work is found in galleries in Kansas City, Atlanta, Georgia; Sedalia, Missouri; Homer, Alaska; and Ajijic, Mexico; along with corporate offices and private collections around the world. Many of Karen’s paintings are available as Giclee reproductions.

Photo of Carol Harbaugh Carol Harbaugh Fiber Art

Carol Harbaugh grew up near LaMonte, Missouri, and now lies in Lee’s Summit where she collects things that inspire her: books, quotations, vintage fabric and trims, and happy memories. Just like Carol, each “Who Said Sew?” bag is fun, unique and quirky and might have a tiny flaw here or there – which we’ve decided to find charming.

Photo of Shawn Harris Shawn Harris Glass

A glass blower of elegant and exquisite style, Shawn’s creations are many and varied vying from the traditional grace of softly curved vases and bowls to the more imaginative motif of glass sculpture. Shawn received a Bachelor’s Degree from Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas.

Photo of Shirley Horacek Shirley Horacek Collage Painting

Collage making is a metaphor for life — fitting pieces together in a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. The subject matter is drawn from scenes in everyday life, and recreated into colorful images through the medium of hand-colored papers. Shirley’s wish is for you to enjoy the simple beauty in her carefully crafted pieces.

Photo of Paul Jackson Paul Jackson Painting

A prolific artist and ambitious world traveler, Paul Jackson is one of today’s most versatile and visible contemporary watercolorists. Whether his subject is landscape, cityscape, portrait, architecture, still life or abstract, Paul captivates his audience with genuine emotion, intensity and finesse that energize each of his creations.

Photo of Josephine Jacobsmeyer Josephine Jacobsmeyer Jewelry – Metalsmith

Josephine Jacobsmeyer was trained as a metalsmith at the Rochester Institute of Technology, School of American Craftsmen in Rochester, NY, and then opened her own studio creating one of a kind and limited production jewelry. She thinks of her jewelry as units or elements created separately then combined to form a beautiful and harmonious hole. She mixes graphic or architectural shapes and forms from her earlier education and training in interior design with organic forms, which are influencing her now, every day.…

Photo of Valery Johnson Valery Johnson Fiber

Valery Johnson is Fabulously Fuzzy! Valery’s creations range from felted fiber nest bowls to handy little tea bag holders for your purse. You’ll quickly see her heart and soul is poured into every piece she creates.

A favorite for our shoppers is her colorful felted soaps. They are scrumptious soaps enveloped by wool felting to be used in the shower as a washcloth.…

Photo of Evelyn Kane Evelyn Kane Sea Glass Jewelry

While on vacation in Puerto Rico, I discovered sea glass. Taken by the colors and history of sea glass, I started creating my own style of jewelry incorporating these wonderful gems of the sea. Each piece of my wrapped sterling silver sea glass jewelry is unique and designed to accentuate the sea glass it lovingly encompasses.

Photo of Tresa Killion Tresa Killion Pottery

Tresa’s pottery is functional and can be used in the oven, microwave and dishwasher, and it is created without lead glazes. It is Tresa’s desire that you enjoy her pottery–the function of the piece as well as the artistic value molded into each work by her talented, creative touch. Tresa is a juried member of The Best of Missouri Hands.

Photo of Matthew Kurz Matthew Kurz Painting

Matthew Kurz is a talented Sedalia, MO artist who has overcome a huge amount of obstacles in his life. He was involved in an automobile accident in 2006 and sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Matthew lost the use of his right hand, which—prior to his accident—he used to draw and paint. But through his determination to continue creating the art he loves, Matthew learned to paint using his left hand.…

Photo of Cathy Kush Cathy Kush Jewelry

Tom and Cathy Kush are a husband/wife team who create one-of-a-kind fused glass jewelry. After taking a class in glass fusing together, they formed a partnership which resulted in Rainbow Fusion art glass designs. As artists they enjoy individual creativity and derive great satisfaction from sharing this unique medium in their jewelry.  They are juried members of The Best of Missouri Hands.

Photo of Marilyn Milovich Marilyn Milovich Photography

Marilyn began doing landscape and nature photography in 1993. Her enjoyment of hiking led to her interest in photography, and she has previously traveled extensively throughout North America, Asia, Central America, South America, and Antarctica. Marilyn has used both 35mm film and digital cameras to create her photographic images and was one of fourteen women artists invited to exhibit their artwork at the 2004 Women in Tune Festival.…

Photo of Tom Mithee Tom Mithee Wood Carving
Photo of Cynthia Morris Cynthia Morris Colored Pencil Drawing

Cynthia Morris is a professional colored pencil artist, Signature Member of the Colored Pencil Society of America, and a juried member of the Best of Missouri Hands. Since her first colored pencil creation in 1996, Cynthia has won numerous awards and has had works accepted into shows in Chicago, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Dallas/Fort Worth, Memphis, Kansas City and Detroit, just to name a few.…

Photo of Kaden Myers Kaden Myers Pottery

Abstract expression and non-objective subjects are primary themes in Kaden Myers’ work with nature suggested by organic forms and flowing lines to create the movement often found in nature. The viewer’s interpretation of his art is based on their own personal experiences in life. I hope to evoke memories and an emotional response that is pleasant and full of life and positive energy.

Photo of Shirley Nachtrieb Shirley Nachtrieb Collage/Mixed Media Paintings

Shirley Nachtrieb is a graduate of Fontbonne College and has been a freelance artist and teacher for over 30 years. Her painting mediums include watercolor, pastel, acrylics, mixed media, fiber, and handmade books. She teaches and paints throughout the United States.

Shirley is a juried member of The Best of Missouri Hands and a distinguished member of the St.…

Photo of Don Nichols Don Nichols Metal

Each original iron sculpture is hand wrought by Don Nichols using old-world forging techniques, hand tools and a coal fired forge. Don produces each of his creations from start to finish for a truly unique piece of art. Iron, coal, steel and muscle power have been combined to create a functional, as well as decorative piece of wrought iron that will last for generations.

Photo of John Preus John Preus Pottery

John Preus has been a studio potter since 1974 and he delights in making pots for daily use. Much of his work is thrown, altered and then assembled with hand built additions. John often works in a series, with form being his central interest. He is intrigued by the interplay of changing form, proportion and volume within the framework of the functional pot.…

Photo of Garnetta Sullivan Garnetta Sullivan Painting – Photography – Glass

An oil painter of imaginative and exquisite style, Garnetta Sullivan’s creations, whether they are objective or non-objective, are about color, texture and mood. She holds a bachelor’s degree in commercial art (summa cum laude) from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, MO.

Garnetta is an accomplished artist not only in painting, but also photography, warm glass and digital art.…

Photo of Janet Ward Janet Ward Photography

Janet grew up in Wichita Falls, Texas surrounded by creative influences. She learned to appreciate the arts in many forms from her grandmother, aunt and father. Janet’s grandmother and aunt introduced her to the visual arts through painting, photography and other mediums. Her father was a pastor and passed along an appreciation and talent for vocal art.…