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Example of Museum glassIf it’s worth framing, it’s usually worth protecting. At Art Impressions we strongly recommend the use of glazing with UV filtering. We feature Museum glass and Conservation Clear glass from TruVue. TruVue® manufactures a complete line of TruGuard® Conservation Series® Glass with UV Protection to protect your framed valuables. For larger pieces we recommend UV filtered Acrylic.

Glass or acrylic serves as a barrier between the artwork and the outside elements such as dust, moisture, curious observers and ultraviolet (UV) light. The energy in UV light can cause paper embrittlement, color deterioration, loss of brightness and other damage. This damage is both cumulative and irreversible.

Glass should not interfere, but enhance your artwork. Our conservation professionals will assist you in choosing the most appropriate glass for your artwork.

Museum quality glass blocks out 99% of UV light, while allowing 97% of light transmission to the art with less than 1% reflection. Museum quality glass is the ultimate option and is rapidly becoming the ‘standard’ in leading museums and fine art galleries, worldwide.

Conservation clear glass contains UV qualities that block 99% of damaging UV light, but does not have any anti reflection properties.

Regular clear glass used in every day picture framing will protect the artwork from dust and pollution, but will allow UV light and reflection to interfere with the art.

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Art Impressions is a member of  the Professional Picture Framers Association - PPFA™.

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